The brickyards of Faisalabad

Aim for Change has worked for a number of years in the brickyards of Faisalabad. 

Whole families live in the brickyards and each one is required to make 1,000 bricks a day. 

Most people who work in the brickyards do so because they have to repay a debt.  They have often borrowed from the owners to meet the costs of a funeral. 

High levels of illiteracy mean that people have no conception of the amount they need to repay. Consequently, these debts have become known as ‘generation debts’, with families working for generations to repay them. 

Education is vital to improving the lives of these people in future.  A number of children supported by Aim for Change have moved on to higher education. 

We have begun a sewing project in one area of the brickyards, with the aim of generating an income for families to be able to support their children in secondary school.