Our aim for Uganda

The most important features of our work are our animal projects.

The charity began this work by donating livestock to families that had been purchased in Uganda. Pigs and chickens have proved particularly successful, and Aim for Change has established a breeding centre in Labongo to provide pigs for donation or for sale. We have recently doubled the size of this breeding centre and plan to expand it further and open more centres in other districts in future.

The income that families raise from breeding their own livestock allows them to contribute towards their children’s education and to establish a livelihood to help support all the family. 

It is hoped that the proceeds from the sale of livestock from the breeding centre will enable the charity to support more children and young people who have finished school to pursue vocational education or a university course. We currently support a number of children currently in university, but have many more in care who wish to go in future. 

Aim for Change has re-built a school at Musaba and supports a number of teachers there as well as children and orphans who would not otherwise be able to afford an education. In the coming months we plan to erect a new church building that will also serve as a classroom for the existing school and as a community hall for all the people who live there.

Thanks to a grant from our long term supporter The James Tudor Foundation, Aim for Change has also been able to bring fresh water to this community.