From small seeds mighty trees will grow

In 2011, Aim for Change began work on an important project in the very poor rural area of Musaba.

The community consists of isolated mud houses in the bush, with a small mud church. In 2011, there was also a derelict school which was dangerously close to collapsing. The project involved renovating this school.

Initially, many families received pigs or chicken to help them to begin to generate an income and in just 12 months, some families were able to begin to pay school fees for their children.

This project was extended to more families in 2012.

Today, Musaba has two brick-built school buildings, comprising five classrooms with over 150 pupils, including many orphans. The charity supports the teachers at the school who otherwise would not be paid some months, as orphans and some families in the area cannot afford to pay school fees.

Remarkably, perhaps, the school and the community at Musaba now has clean, fresh water which because there is not enough underground water to support a bore hole, is piped some distance from a source deep within a valley. 

The drillers and engineers (pictured) who worked on this project said that they had never seen or heard of a project on this scale in a rural area in Uganda before.