Transforming the lives of thousands of people

Since Aim for Change began its work in 2003, thousands of lives have been transformed in Uganda. 

We started with a vision of working with communities in Uganda; to care for some of the world’s most vulnerable people; for the children, the orphans and the victims of war, and for those suffering because of poverty and disease.

We have done this by providing education, healthcare and equipment and supporting a wide range of projects that promote self-sufficiency.

During the early days in December 2004, Aim for Change’s founder, Ruth James, visited many refugee camps in Northern Uganda. 

The sights, smells and stories from these camps had a huge impact on her.  The Lord's Resistance Army (pictured, above) had ravaged the countryside for 18 long years. 

Ruth met children who had witnessed appalling violence and met men and women who had been mutilated by the insurgents. In many of the refugee camps she visited, children were "night commuters", moving into the camps at dusk for safety. This conflict is now over, but many people are still suffering from the horrors they experienced. 

Ruth followed up this visit in 2005 and 2006 when, with money donated by a number of generous supporters in the UK, Aim for Change was able to register 14 children from a refugee camp in Lira so that they could begin full-time education.