The Aim for Change story (so far)

Aim for Change is a registered charity based in Leicestershire that is reaching out to the poor of Uganda and Pakistan. 

The charity began in 2003, as the vision of founder Ruth James. On a visit to Uganda, Ruth saw the overwhelming need for the rural poor of Uganda to be able to educate their children. 

For this to happen, the children and their families needed access to basic – but effective – healthcare and the clean water that we in the UK take for granted. 

And for the vision to be sustainable, the people themselves needed the ability to generate their own income. 

Thus self-sufficiency – through the provision of animals, tools for cultivation and equipment to establish small businesses – underpins the work we do to educate and care for poor children and their communities.



Our work began with the donation of just one cow. But it quickly became very clear that with the right support, families and communities would be able to provide for themselves and their children. 

Aim for Change has always recommended that of the animals bred, a small number be given to a family in another community with no livestock, some sold and some kept for breeding.  The generosity of those who have received animals from us, and have given some away, has been overwhelming. 

Today, it is impossible to say how many families have had their lives transformed by the kind acts of so many people.  But we know the number is many thousands. 

In 2006, Ruth visited the area of Bata Mori, near Balakot in the north of Pakistan, where a massive earthquake had struck the previous year. 

As in Uganda, Aim for Change has a vision for Pakistan that sees education, healthcare and self sufficiency promoted and supported.  We have established an orphanage and school and worked in refugee camps, usually but not exclusively, with Christian communities, which are among the poorest in Pakistan and are increasingly suffering persecution because of their faith.